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ICBC Sydney Osko Payment Service

ICBC Sydney Osko Payment is a fast, easy and secure domestic payment service, which enables you to send and receive nearly real-time payments on the New Payments Platform in Australia. Osko payment supports our customer to send fast payment instantly, 24 by 7, even on weekends and public holidays. You can either transfer money to BSB and Account Number, or pay to a PAYID.  With Osko you can use up to 280 characters rich remark to describe the fund usage.

Osko payment offers you different options to receive fund. In ICBC Sydney online banking platform, customer can register a PAYID with a memorable piece of information for your bank account, such as phone number, email address etc. You could receive payment without having to remember bank account details. It is flexible to switch your PAYID between different bank account, without any delay.