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Trade Finance

Advance payment finance
This is a service whereby payment will be made by us on your behalf against your import L/C, or under payment terms of cash on delivery or remittance. We are able to help you solve your liquidity, and increase your credibility as a result of the fast payment to your supplier.

Import Bill Finance
Our import bill purchase is a solution to address your liquidity when you are required to pay your overseas exporter under L/C or collection terms. We are able to make payment and collect the shipping documents for you to start the sale process.

LC confirmation
When you are not comfortable with the financial standing of the L/C opening bank under an export L/C in your favors, you may submit your original L/C advised through us and request for L/C confirmation. Once you have shipped all the goods under the L/C confirmed by us and have submitted all the clean bills to us, we will undertake payment.

Export Invoice Finance
We can offer credit when you and your importer agree to settle on a term of credit sale. To apply for this service, please submit your commercial invoice and documents to us and we will organize it for you.

Packing Loan
Packing loans are used to cover the cost of goods, material, production and shipment prior to the export of goods under the L/C you have received from your overseas importer’s bank. After shipment, you may submit the documents to ICBCS for negotiation against the L/C and repay the packing loan once you have received the payment for goods from overseas.

Export Bill Finance
When you have submitted the relevant documents stipulated by your customer’s bank L/C to us,, we can at your request offer credit to you on a with recourse basis. We can make payment to you before the receipt of proceeds under the L/C from your importer’s bank.

We are able to provide the discounting of international trade receivables such as Promissory Notes and Bills of Exchange on a "Without Recourse" basis, in exchange for cash. In the case of a Letter of Credit, we can give discounted funds to your client on a without recourse basis provided that the L/C has been accepted by the issuing bank.

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