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Savings & Deposit

Current Accounts
Current Accounts are deposits that are suitable for your daily banking needs. Funds can be withdrawn at our counters or any time through our internet banking service. Interest is calculated monthly, currently we are waiving our management fee. Deposits can be made through our agents Australia wide with no extra cost. Current accounts are also available in foreign currencies.

Term Deposits
Term Deposits are deposits the terms (start and maturity dates) and interest rate of which are agreed by both the bank and the depositor prior to the deposit being made. Clients are allowed partial withdrawals or advances against the deposits.
ICBC Term Deposit offers a competitive interest rate. We provide specific rates based on the deposit amount and term, The Depositor can withdraw the principal plus interest on maturity date, or elect to roll for another term. For an unexpected need, customers may apply for a partial or full advance against the deposit.

Foreign Exchange
ICBC offers attractive and competitive foreign exchange rate for CNY, USD, GBP, EUR and JPY. FX Transactions for Account Transfers, International Remittances including CNY rates. (For further remittances details please see Remittances Introduction)
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